Youssef Ibrahim Abd el Aziz.
      Ibrahim received his BA in Business from Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University in 2005. He is a visual artist and has worked as a graphic designer and commercial photographer. He has exhibited paintings and videos in and outside of Egypt.

Marianna Massa
         I was born in Italy in 1983. I followed the natural direction of my hometown, south east, and I went to Cairo where I still live. I work mainly as a translator. I like practicing different kinds of art, mostly dance and writing. The But a Shadow of Myself project was my first drawing experience.

Ibrahim Saad
          Ibrahim is the Visual Arts Coordinator/Curator at El Nahda Cultural and Scientific Association/Jesuit Cairo. Born in Sharqeya in 1977, Ibrahim lives and works in Cairo. He received his BA degree at Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University in 2000. He worked in Townhouse Gallery’s “Sawa” workshop and “Sawa Generation”. In addition, he taught art to children at the Artellewa Gallery.
         Ibrahim’s artistic projects have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Egypt, Europe, Asia, and North America. He has also  participated in a number of residencies and workshops in Egypt, China, Netherland, ItalyŁ« and Switzerland.
         Ibrahim has curated several exhibitions in Cairo, in particular, "Shift Delete 30 " and "Supermarket". He has also started a new project: "Artist Archive ", a seminar presenting the successful experiments of young artists who have had strong achievements in Egypt and other countries.
         Ibrahim is presently director of the Animation School at Jesuit Cairo, as well as co-facilitating the “But a Shadow of Myself” project.

Samah Saad
           Samah is a writer who worked as a translator and workshop assistant in the project. She has been involved in cultural projects with El Nahda Association for Scientific and Culture Renaissance (Cairo Jesuit).
            Samah was previously the media executive in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.  She is also active in the women's rights movement in Egypt and has initiated and participated in campaigns to enhance women's participation in public life. She graduated from Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University.

Alexandra Zevin
            Alexandra is an artist and art teacher based in New York City. She taught in the New York City public schools for many years and is a member of the United Federation of Teachers. Her artwork is interdisciplinary, often dealing with the themes of female identity and intercultural collaboration. She has exhibited and participated in artist’s residencies in and outside of the United States. She has also designed and directed community murals and directed a public arts organization called Windows on White. She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and her MFA from Columbia University.